I have recently experienced considerable trouble related to installing SEGER J-Link driver for the on-board debugger on Atmel board on the Windows 7 64-bit machine. It may be important that I have earlier installed J-Link driver for the Freescale KwikStik board. The ATSAM4S-XPLD board support comes in form of online available archive, that contains further archives and sometimes even one more level of archives. Somewhere there is a directory called "Setting up", in which you will find the "Setup_JLinkARM_V442", you probably do not want to use it on machine similar to mine. You might also want to download the newest drivers from Segger directly, but if these are in version "Setup_JLinkARM_V458a" (as they were at the moment of writing this entry), you should also not use these. What have finally worked for me, is "Setup_JLinkARM_V459c", downloaded from the beta versions section. The older drivers were just impossible, for example windows could not install them because of "The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name". And a final word - reboot your machine before the installation.