Articles related to electronics

CC1000PP CC1000PP Low power radio frequency communication modules made of Texas Instruments (earlier Chipcon) device CC1000. Separate data and command interface (SPI). Device offers no data buffering.
RFM12 RFM12 Small size radio frequency modules by HopeRF, based on TRC101 integrated circuit by RF Monolithics. Module configuration can be altered using SPI interface. The actual data exchange can take place through the same interface or using additional lines. Module offers 16-bit data buffer.
MMnet1000 SPI MMnet1000 SPI Using the SPI interface in the MMnet1000 modules from Propox, based on AT90SAM9260 processor.
ATmega32u2 ATmega32u2 Preparation of environment, compiler and the USB library for ATmega32u2 microcontroller from ATMEL.
Holux GR-239
Bluetooth GPS
Holux GR-239 Interesting, mainly because it's low price, GPS module with Bluetooth interface. It consists of fully featured GPS module (using RS232) with built-in antenna and Bluetooth SSP module.
Touchpad Touchpad Synaptics touchpad modules.
TG9 Turnigy TG9 Mechanical construction and electrical properties of Turnigy TG9 servos.

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