Overview of my tools for electronics

Saleae Logic
Saleae Logic analyzer
Saleae Logic analyzer offers eight digital channels with sampling frequency up to 24MHz. There is also very nice GUI application, providing many protocol analyzers (serial, SPI, I2C, 1-wire). The plug-ins SDK is available for free. After saving session, program can work offline. It is currently supported only under Windows operating system, but in the near future the multiplatform edition will be released.
Digital storage oscilloscope DS5022M from Rigol
Standard two-channel digital storage oscilloscope, with bandwidth of 25MHz. The device has black and white LCD display with clear user interface. Working with this model is very comfortable. The only drawback is lack of frequency analysis (Fourier transform). The waveforms can be transferred to PC working under Windows.
NDN DF1642B Function Generator
Simple and economical function generator. Apart of standard features, the device offers linear and logarithmic sweep and frequency meter.
The EVK1105 Evaluation Kit
The kit presents capabilities of 32UC3A0512 processor from the AVR32 family. Additionally it provides access to a bit smaller unit 32UC3B1256. Apart from the processors the board consists of the LAN connector (with PHY), audio codec, five touch sensors (QTouch), color display (digitizer is present, but not connected), two USB interfaces and... microphone. The enormous power of this kit is provided mainly by large library providing drivers for almost every processor peripheral and external circuit, with lots of useful examples. It also supports operations typical for DSP applications.
AVR Dragon
AVR Dragon programmer
Little programmer with great range of uses. Apart from standard interfaces like ISP and JTAG it supports high voltage serial programming and parallel programming, very helpful when resurrecting microcontrollers with invalid fuse bit values. Moreover the programmer offers debugging using debugWIRE and JTAG interfaces. It ideally integrates with AVR32 Studio, providing easy way of programming 32-bit AVR processors.
FPGA starter-kit from Digilent
Good starter kit for FPGA circuits from Digilent. It does not require you to have any programmer, because this tool is already implemented on the board. The heart of the device is composed of Spartan-3E programmable circuit connected with suitable Platform FLASH memory. Despite its small size and low price, the kit enables you to start working with small scale MicroBlaze soft-processor based integrated systems. The board offers a basic set of peripherals (LEDs, buttons, switches) among with VGA output, PS/2 connector and four extension module slots.
CPLD starter-kit from Digilent
Digilent CPLD starter-kit. Powered and configured through USB interface. On board: LEDs, 7-seg. display, two tact-switches, two slide switches, oscillator, serial memory. The kit includes also an LCD panel.
Propox MMnet1002 module with ARM processor
Starter-kit MMnet1002 from Propox offers very wide range of peripherals. Along with Atmel ARM microcontroller there is relatively large RAM memory (64MB) and really huge FLASH memory (1GB) for storing program. Moreover, the module provides two USB host connectors, Ethernet, RS232, microSD, USB device connector and some other nice details. The kit comes with installed GNU/Linux operating system with modern kernel. SDK and modified kernel sources are published on enclosed CD disk and on the Internet.
ZL9 ARM kit
ZL9, ARM starter-kit from Kamami
Starter-kit for microcontrollers with ARM core, targeting LPC21xx family from NXP. Rich set of peripherals for relatively low price.
LPCXpresso starterkit with LPC1114 microcontroller
This starterkit is really cheap - that is its main strong point. Other nice feature is pretty good integrated programmer and debugger. The target processor has a single LED as its only peripherial circuit. The development environment is based on GCC, GDB and Eclipse, so... it won't run on any other OS than Windows because of the LPC-Link interface driver.
USBKEY starter-kit with AT90USB1287
Starter-kit demonstrating use of USB interface implemented in AVR microcontrollers. This board is preprogrammed to serve as USB disk, USB mouse and host for USB mouse - all at the same time. The board has two memories of 8MB, joystick, two buttons (one of them is reset), two dual-color LEDs.
STM32 Discovery
STM32 Discovery starter-kit
Starter-kit for ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers from ST. The board contains STM32F100RBT6B MCU, integrated debugger and programmer (ST-Link), two LEDs, one user readable pushbutton, reset button and two crystals: 8 MHz (in socket) and 32 kHz. Rich set of microcontroller peripherals and availability of free development environment (CooCox) are the biggest advantages of this kit.
eZ430-Chronos development tool
Watch-shaped development tool. Many interesting peripherals to play with: LCD display, CC1101-based radio link, accelerometer, pressure sensor, buttons and buzzer of course. Very interesting platform for testing mobile radio communication solutions and efficient battery powered devices. The included software provides even means of wireless firmware upgrade for the watch.
TI LaunchPad
Texas Instruments LaunchPad
Small development kit, that is pretty well suited for getting familiar with the MSP430 processors line, that is known for its low power consumption. The kit has a built in programmer, that may be also used for programming external circuits. The board does not offer many peripherals, but it is just enough for start playing around with MSP430 family without even touching the soldering iron.
Raisonance starter-kit from Glyn
Starter-kit for Raisonance R32C processor
Starter-kit witch microcontroller with R32C core. The cost of the board, and it's resources, were reduced to the absolute minimum. On oard you will find: MCU, two LEDs, reset button and USB to RS232 converter.
LexTool 908
Hot air SMD rework station
Relatively simple SMD and PTH rework station. Offers traditional soldering iron and hot air blower.
Organiser: cabinet with drawers
Properly sorted items, always at your fingertips.
0-15V, 5A power supply
Regulated DC power supply, originating from China. Provides regulated output voltage in range 0 to 15V and output current up to 5A.
+/- 5V, +/- 12V ATX power supply
Old ATX power supply, that lives its second life now.
Vacuum Tweezer
Vacuum tool for manipulating small objects. The tips are resistant to high temperature, but cannot be used to apply an excessive force. It seems to be a good choice for dismounting components, when the operation must be performed carefully to avoid corruption of the printed circuit board.
Antistatic wrist strap
Antistatic wrist strap
Simple bracelet with 1 MΩ resistor effectively grounds any electric charge that could endanger electronic circuits.

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