Interesting electronic projects

POV display POV display
This device has vibrating arm mounted on motor taken from broken hard disk drive. LEDs, located on the arm, are driven in such way that, while in move, they build 2D image on viewer's retina or on the camera sensor. Position is controlled by slotted optical switches instead of traditional mechanical limit switches. This toy is controlled by MEGA8 microcontroller from Atmel. The firmware can change frequency of arm's vibrations by adjusting length of current pulses sent to the motor.
Microcontroller-based sonar (v3) Microcontroller-based sonar (v3)
Simple sonar made of popular AVR microcontroller and few easy-to-get integrated circuits. The final version of the device.
Microcontroller-based sonar (v2) Microcontroller-based sonar (v2)
Simple sonar made of popular AVR microcontroller and few easy-to-get integrated circuits. The second prototype, the final version is described above.
Binary clock with LED matrix and thermometer Binary clock with LED matrix and thermometer
This version of binary clock displays it's readings on the 5x8 LED matrix. Apart from obvious binary mode, it can also display time in traditional format. Moreover, thanks to built-in sensor, it can also show current temperature (in °C). There are also some simple animations played in about 1 minute intervals.
Remote controlled vehicle Remote controlled vehicle
This vehicle is controlled by two TINY2313 microcontrollers from Atmel. Two more microcontrollers of the same type are used by vehicle controller (Joystick + Gamepad + connector to PC). The toy have some kind of positioner with two degrees of freedom. On top of it are mounted: wireless camera, light source, laser pointer and sonar. The link between vehicle and it's controller is made with CC1000 integrated circuits (placed on CC1000PP module).
USBasp programmer USBasp programmer
The USBasp programmer can be used for in-system-programming of Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Schematic diagram and firmware can be found on it's author's website Alternative printed circuit board layouts for this device are also available for download. My implementation can be fitted in the case of an old USB PenDrive, so it is rather compact design. USBasp is an ideal solution for computers that don't provide LPT nor COM ports.
Metal detector Metal detector
This metal detector was made of Colpitts oscillator (form AVT-5025 kit) and Atmel ATtiny2313 microcontroller. The processor measures frequency deviation of mentioned earlier generator, caused by proximity of magnetic material. Large coil was winded on a plastic ring taken from a wall clock. All the electronics was mounted in the center of the sensing coil - which wasn't the best idea, I suppose.
The FT232R prototype board The FT232R prototype board
One-sided prototype board that exposes every I/O line of the FT232RL device (USB <==> UART converter), and can arrange every possible powering scheme.
Webcam positioner Webcam positioner
The webcam positioner was developed as an University project and demonstration of the USBKEY evaluation kit with AT90USB1287 microcontroller. The project make use of libusb library and the Qt framework. Servomechanisms (Turnigy TG9) are driven by built-in PWM controller.
CPLD based programmer CPLD based programmer
This programmer was designed to eliminate need for few other very simple programmers. It is based on small and very cheap CPLD circuit (XC9536XL), that is ideally suited for simple switching of signals. Beside the CPLD circuit, there is only a low-drop voltage regulator.
DLC5 programmer DLC5 programmer
It is very simple programmer for Xilinx's programable logic. It uploads bitstream to CPLD and FPGA circuits using JTAG interface and is supported by ISE WebPack.
DLC5 programmer, SMD version DLC5 programmer, SMD version
The second edition of DLC5 programmer that consists of only SMD components.

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